What an interesting day  


Spent most of today on the phone to various labels being told that their current policy is not to listen to anything as they aren't signing anything. Next time you read about the impending death of the music industry and how you are to blame for your terribly piratical attitude towards copyright laws, just let the thought rest easy on your mind that the whole industry seems to be plotting its own downfall by sitting on its hands and letting the good stuff walk away.

I was touting Maika Makovski, in case you're wondering. We are now managing her. Her John Parish produced album needs to be heard by an audience, and the public would love her. Obviously her CD has to stay in the box though, as we're not listening to anything new this year, just hoping somebody invents a new format so we can repackage some old Genesis hits.

It's going to be a busy end of the year  


The Pinker Tones are super busy in the studio, and you will shortly be seeing news about new releases.... but not music. It's a puzzle within an engima.

Pecker's third album is in stores in Spain right now, and will be released in the USA on October 13. To support the release he will be heading to New York for CMJ. Stay tuned.

La Brigada are in the studio now working on their second album - release date not agreed yet.

Some great shows coming up at The Forum. Gig listing below.

The Faraday channel on YouTube has some amazing footage of this year's event. Check it out.

Pinker Tones in LA - 28 April  


Mr Solo - Wonders Never Cease  

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The really jolly splendid new album "Wonders Never Cease" by Mr Solo is released today and is available now from Amazon

Mr Solo will be out and about on your radios, blogs, TVs and that old fashioned stuff that used to be available from newskeepers. You can read a nice interview here and he recently appeared on Marc Riley's show on 6 Music.

To celebrate the release, Mr Solo will be appearing on Saturday 11 April 2009 at Pop Art at The Fly, New Oxford Street. Entry is a measly £5.

Mr Solo says Wonder Never Cease is "“like taking a dear friend on a pot-holing trip in my mind set to a baroque pop soundtrack". You should make some space for it on your iPod

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